[Udemy] The Complete Android Material Design Course – In this complete course students will learn how to build Material Design applications for the Android platform. What Will I Learn? Build Material Design applications effectively for the Android platform. Know how to use all Material Design capabilities. Become a professional Android developer. Requirements Basic knowledge of […]
[Udemy] Animatron University – Intermediate Course – Animation for the rest of us! What Will I Learn? Create HTML5 animation Use Animatron – a FREE web based software – to create fun, engaging and exciting animations Requirements Highly recommended that you have completed the Beginner course first. A connection to the internet An imagination and […]
[Udemy] Introduction to basic html and css concepts – learn the basics of html and css and start developing websites on the fly.   What Will I Learn? basic html and css have a better understanding of web development and mastering the concept of building pages be able to use multiple classes to a single […]
[Udemy] Advanced CSS and Sass: Take Your CSS to the Next Level – The most advanced and modern CSS course on the internet: master animations, flexbox, responsive design, and so much more. What Will I Learn? Tons of modern CSS techniques to create stunning designs and effects Advanced CSS animations with @keyframes, animation and transition […]
[Udemy] The Ultimate Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced – Learn the #1 most important building block of all art. What Will I Learn? Draw from objects out of your head Draw realistic light and shadow Understand the fundamentals of art Draw perspective drawings Draw the human face and figure Requirements Paper Pencil Eraser Ruler […]
[Udemy] Adobe Illustrator: Mastering the Fundamentals – Illustrator tutorials that are perfect for beginners. What Will I Learn? To learn Adobe Illustrator from scratch To learn only the tools and techniques you will actually use Requirements Adobe Illustrator (free trial or student version are fine) Description Throughout each of the many lessons in this series […]
[Udemy] Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator – for Beginners & Beyond – The entire logo design procedure & business revealed by a published, award winning professional! What Will I Learn? Discover why vector is paramount to awesome, effective logo design. Distinguish immediately between different types of logos by professional terms. Study and follow a client […]
[Udemy] Mastering CSS – Get to grips with CSS best practices to create modern, responsive, and retina-ready websites.   What Will I Learn? Master the fundamental CSS concepts, such as the box model, the anatomy of a rule set, and the types of style sheets Take advantage of the Chrome developer tools to troubleshoot CSS […]
[Udemy] Web Design for Beginners: Real World Coding in HTML & CSS – Launch a career as a web designer by learning HTML5, CSS3, responsive design, Sass, cross device compatibility and more!   What Will I Learn? Create any website layout you can imagine Support any device size with Responsive (mobile-friendly) Design Add tasteful animations […]
[Udemy] Learn Top Ten PHP FrameWorks – Learn Modern CSS, CSS3, CSS4 , libraries, plugins, Grids, frameworks, tips & tricks and Build websites. Updates Weekly. What Will I Learn? Build sites based on latest and new tips trick with CSS Complete understanding of the particular topic i will cover on this course Able to use […]