Web Development

A Unique Interactive Python Experience With Nearly 200 Exercises and Quizzes. What Will I Learn? Learn all the coding fundamentals in Python! Work through nearly 200 exercises and quizzes! Learn about all of the latest features in Python 3.6 Use Python to create an automated web crawler and scraper Make complex HTTP requests to APIs […]
Master Angular 5 from the basics to building an advanced application with Firebase’s Firestore as well as authentication.   What Will I Learn? Build amazing single page applications using Angular 5+ Master Angular concepts Understand the file and folder structure of an Angular application Build a client management application with authentication and Firebase’s Firestore Integrate […]
Learn to build fast, scalable and secure RESTful services with Node, Express and MongoDB, from setup to production. What Will I Learn? Build the backend for your web and mobile apps Use modern JavaScript features (ES6, ES7) Implement CRUD operations Handle and log errors, the right way Write unit and integration tests Practice test-driven development […]
Master JavaScript with the most complete course on the market! Projects, challenges, quizzes, ES6+, OOP, AJAX, Webpack.   What Will I Learn?   Go from a total beginner to an advanced JavaScript developer Code 3 beautiful real-world apps with both ES5 and ES6+ (no boring toy apps) JavaScript and programming fundamentals: variables, boolean logic, if/else, […]
Vue JS is an awesome JavaScript Framework for building Frontend Applications! VueJS mixes the Best of Angular + React!   Vue JS is an awesome JavaScript Framework for building Frontend Applications! VueJS mixes the Best of Angular + React! What Will I Learn? Build amazing Vue.js Applications – all the Way from Small and Simple […]
What Will I Learn?   Become a Python programmer able to independently develop complex applications in Python 3. Build 10 real life Python applications in a wide range of areas. Improve your skills with bonus practice activities throughout the course. Use Python to build web applications with Flask. Use Python for building desktop applications with […]
Spring 5 – brand new content. Spring MVC, Spring Core, Sprint Boot 2, Hibernate, Security, Data, Thymeleaf 3, and more. What Will I Learn?   You’re taught step by step HOW to program using the Java Spring Framework 5. With each comprehensive step, the WHY you’re doing it is explained. You’ll UNDERSTAND all aspects of […]
Build a full-stack web app with ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core and Angular 2 (Angular 4+).   What Will I Learn?   Build real-world applications with ASP.NET Core and Angular 2 Integrate ASP.NET MVC / Core with Angular 2 Implement a clean and decoupled architecture Understand and apply the Dependency Inversion Principle (DIP) Properly implement […]
Create awesome websites using the powerful Flask framework for Python!   What Will I Learn?   Learn basic HTML to create templates Learn basic CSS to style your webpages Understand Python, including Functions, Decorators, and Object Oriented Programming Use Flask to create basic landing pages Use WTForms to accept user inputs from a Flask Application […]
My Private Earning Technique Using Only One Page Website with Google Adsense     What Will I Learn? Build a PHP website Drive FREE traffic to your website Requirements You will need to have an existing full approved Google Adsense account Basic Knowledge About CPanel and PHP Description Welcome to the course, where I will […]
Everything you need to know for building mobile apps with Flutter and Dart, including RxDart and Animations!   What Will I Learn?   Build beautiful multi-screen apps with Flutter Understand the different approaches for loading and maintaining data in Flutter apps Create and publish open source projects using Dart Learn how to build offline-enabled apps […]