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(Редактор не указан. )U.S. Department of Energy Fundamentals Handbook, Washington, 1993. 166 р. Module 1 – Basic Electrical TheoryThis module describes basic electrical concepts and introduces electricalterminology.Module 2 – Basic DC TheoryThis module describes the basic concepts of direct current (DC) electrical circuitsand discusses the associated terminology. (3)
Research paper. Air Force Research Laboratory, Human Effectiveness Directorate Crew Survivability and Logistics Division, Operational Toxicology Branch. 1998. — 15 p. Soldiers handling Howitzer cartridges may have the potential to absorb the components of solid propellants through the skin of the hands. The purpose of this research was to determine if systemic absorption of chemical […]
Louthain, J (Project Manager of Editorial/Coordination Board members) Department of Ecology, Washington, 1998, 482 p. GeneralChapter G1General EngineeringRequirementsChapter G2General ConsiderationsChapter G3Special Considerations for SmallCommunity SystemsCollectionSEWERChapter C1SewersChapter C2Sewage Pump StationsCSOChapter C3Combined Sewer OverflowsTreatmentChapter T1Preliminary Treatment/ Septageand Other Liquid Hauled WastesChapter T2Primary TreatmentChapter T3Biological TreatmentChapter T4Chemical/Physical TreatmentChapter T5DisinfectionEffluentChapter E1Water Reclamation and ReuseChapter E2Effluent Disposal to SurfaceWaterChapter E3Effluent […]
Research paper. Science & Technology Review. September 1999. 4-11 pp. Nuclear weapons are complex systems made of many different materials and interconnecting components. The materials may interact with air, moisture, and environmental hazards during manufacture, shipping, storage, and assembly as well as with each other once they have been enclosed in the weapon. They may […]
(Редактор не указан. ) U.S. Department of Energy, Washington, 2004, 21 p. Table of contents AcknowledgmentPurposeApplicabilityImplementationEvaluation requirementsContinuing education, training, and proficiency Duties and responsibilitiesBackground and experienceRequired technical competenciesAppendix a, continuing education, training and proficiency program (0)
(Редактор не указан. )U.S. Department of Energy Fundamentals Handbook, Washington, 1992. 168 р. Module 6 – Radiation DetectorsThis module describes the principles of radiation detection, detector operation,circuit operation, and specific radiation detector applications.Module 7 – Principles of Control SystemsThis module describes the principles of operation for control systems used inevaluating and regulating changing conditions in […]
PEBC,Toronto, Canada, 2010 – 75p.This syllabus has been compiled to guide candidates who are preparing to write the PEBC Pharmacist Evaluating Examination. It contains sample outlines of Canadian university level pharmacy course outline material, in subject areas that are considered important to the background knowledge base in the pharmaceutical sciences and for preparation for the […]
Статья. Опубликована в журнале Critical Care Clinics, 2006, Volume 22? №02, Р. 329-345,Critically ill patients generally are older, frequently have organ failure, and commonly receive multiple medications, all of which make them susceptible to adverse effects of drugs. Drug interactions are a common adverse effect, and many are predictable based on understanding the mechanisms that […]
23 Wikipedia Articles, 2013 – 159p.Phenomenology (from Greek: phainómenon “that which appears”; and lógos “study”) is the philosophical study ofthe structures of subjective experience and consciousness. As a philosophical movement it was founded in the earlyyears of the 20th century by Edmund Husserl and was later expanded upon by a circle of his followers at […]
Haynes Publications Inc., 1973. — 152 p. — ISBN: 0-85696-124-8 — (OCR). The aim of this book is to help you get the best value from your car. It can do so in two ways. First it can help you decide what work must be dpne, even should you choose to get it done by […]