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How to Survive the End of the World

How to Survive the End of the World
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Name of the Book:How to Survive the End of the World
ISBN-10 / ISBN-13 978-1-4804-0084-9
Authors / Editors: HowStuffWorks
Page Count:187
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From the creative editorial minds at HowStuffWorks.com comes a volume of entertaining advice to help readers survive the end of the world as we know itIn response to our readers, who are particularly curious about both doomsday scenarios and survivalist techniques, HowStuffWorks.com presents Surviving the End of the World.

There are many possible ends in store for our world. Zombie hordes could rise up and eat our brains. A viral pandemic could sweep the globe, decimating the human population but for a hearty, immune few. Or a catastrophic solar superstorm might render all electronics on the planet inert, causing a civilization-ending panic.


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