Home Development [Udemy] iOS Development – Create 4 Quiz Apps with Swift 3 & iOS 10

[Udemy] iOS Development – Create 4 Quiz Apps with Swift 3 & iOS 10

[Udemy] iOS Development – Create 4 Quiz Apps with Swift 3 & iOS 10

[Udemy] iOS Development – Create 4 Quiz Apps with Swift 3 & iOS 10 – In this course we will develop 4 different quiz apps together and go into great detail for every step on our way.

A lot of very successful and popular games in the appstore are Quiz Games. They are addicting, relatively easy to make, even for beginners and you can make a quiz about almost anything.

In this course we’ll have a look at 4 different quiz gaming modes and learn how to implement them properly from scratch.
We will write all of the code together and I will explain everything along the way. We want to teach you how to build these quiz games and not just give you a template that you can reskin but have no idea of the functionality behind it.
We’re going to start with a classic Multiple Choice Quiz, meaning a quiz where we ask a question and offer 4 different answers that the user can select.

We’ll add a bunch of neat little features such as animations for right and wrong answers as well as an animated countdown timer.
The next quiz will be an Image Reveal Quiz quiz where we reveal an image step by step and the user has to guess as quickly as possible what’s on that image. This will teach us how to display an image view step by step and we’ll further develop what we learned earlier, by offering multiple answers.

We’re then going to learn how to implement a different quiz mode next. One where the users cannot just select an answer but has to type one in themselves. This will also teach us how to handle custom user input. Therefore we’re going to create an Emoji Riddle Game where we display something such as a movie title with emojis and the user has to guess what it is.

Finally we’re going to create a simple but addicting Right or Wrong Quiz where we have statements displayed that are either correct or incorrect and the user has to decide.

– Welcome to the course!
– Setup & Menu
– Multiple Choice Quiz
– Template View Controller
– Image Quiz
– Emoji Riddle
– Right or Wrong Quiz
– Extras

[Udemy] iOS Development – Create 4 Quiz Apps with Swift 3 & iOS 10

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By Johannes Ruof, Timothy Meixner
Last updated 11/2016
Tabel Of Content : Udemy
Duration : 5 hours
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