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Oscillatory Models in General Relativity

Oscillatory Models in General Relativity
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Name of the Book:Oscillatory Models in General Relativity
ISBN-10 / ISBN-13 3110515229, 9783110515220
Authors / Editors: Esra Russell; Oktay K. Pashaev
Page Count:187
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The book employs oscillatory dynamical systems to represent the Universe mathematically via constructing classical and quantum theory of damped oscillators. It further discusses isotropic and homogeneous metrics in the Friedman-Robertson-Walker Universe and shows their equivalence to non-stationary oscillators. The wide class of exactly solvable damped oscillator models with variable parameters is associated with classical special functions of mathematical physics. Combining principles with observations in an easy to follow way, it inspires further thinking for mathematicians and physicists.

Part I: Dissipative geometry and general relativity theory
Pseudo-Riemannian geometry and general relativity
Dynamics of universe models
Anisotropic and homogeneous universe models
Metric waves in a nonstationary universe and dissipative oscillator
Bosonic and fermionic models of a Friedman-Robertson-Walker universe
Time dependent constants in an oscillatory universe

Part II: Variational principle for time dependent oscillations and dissipations
Lagrangian and Hamilton descriptions
Damped oscillator: classical and quantum theory
Sturm-Liouville problem as a damped oscillator with time dependent damping and frequency
Riccati representation of time dependent damped oscillators
Quantization of the harmonic oscillator with time dependent parameters


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