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[Udemy] Get to know HTML Learn HTML Basics – Step by Step introduction to HTML Explore HTML coding and how you can get started creating your own Web Content pages.   What Will I Learn? Create HTML pages HTML structures to build web pages Understand how to create tags within HTML Use HTML elements select […]
[Udemy] HTML and CSS BootCamp for Beginners – HTML and CSS.   What Will I Learn? Know what coding is and how it works Be able to write code in HTML and CSS – thereby being able to produce static webpages Have the foundation knowledge to move onto learning other languages Requirements This course is […]
[Udemy] Master Electron: Desktop Apps using HTML, JavaScript & CSS – The Complete Electron course for learning to build Cross Platform Desktop Apps using HTML, JavaScript & CSS.   What Will I Learn? Build native desktop applications using existing knowledge of HTML, CSS & JavaSript Create applications for both Mac, Windows & Linux Understand the […]
[Udemy] Complete WordPress Theme Development Course – Learn how to code and launch websites from scratch with HTML, CSS, PHP, and WordPress.   What Will I Learn? Build custom websites and themes using WordPress Build beautiful, modern user interfaces that are mobile-friendly Create and sell custom WordPress themes to the public Requirements No coding experience […]
[Udemy] Javascript HTML CSS Project Make a Quiz – JS (JavaScript) script-based programming language objects that have been produced by NetScape. The language is an object-oriented language based on ECMA-262 Edition 3 standard was written. Despite public wrong, Javaaskryt language Java is not related, although the structure of the language C ++ (++ C) and […]

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