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[Udemy] Complete Python Masterclass – Python 3 is the in-demand programming language used extensively by Google. Master Python 3 and you’ll be in demand too!. What Will I Learn? You’re taught step by step HOW to program in Python With each step, the WHY you’re doing it is explained UNDERSTAND data structures and how to […]
[Udemy] Complete Guide to TensorFlow for Deep Learning with Python – Learn how to use Google’s Deep Learning Framework – TensorFlow with Python! Solve problems with cutting edge techniques! What Will I Learn? Understand how Neural Networks Work Build your own Neural Network from Scratch with Python Use TensorFlow for Classification and Regression Tasks Use […]
[Udemy] The Complete Python & PostgreSQL Developer Course – Build 9 projects—master two essential and modern technologies in Python and PostgreSQL. What Will I Learn? Understand software and programming with Python from beginning to end Create Python applications ranging from beginner, basic applications to advanced, useful and engaging applications Learn how to extend Python applications […]
[Udemy] Python Programming for Beginners – Recently updated with new, better Python development content for beginners. What Will I Learn? Understand and implement basic Python code Gain a knowledge of basic programming concepts Create and run a real-world Python program Requirements A computer PC, Mac or Linux Operating Systems OK Description Learn Python with Python […]
[Udemy] Software Architecture with Python – This video starts off by explaining how Python fits into an application architecture. As you move along, you will understand the architecturally significant demands and how to determine them. Later, you’ll get a complete understanding of the different architectural quality requirements that help an architect to build a product […]
[Udemy] Learn to code Economic Models in Python – Code your own Economic Models in Python: modelling, equilibriums, results, graphs and more! No more pencil/paper needed!.   What Will I Learn? Learn how to code Economic Models proficiently in Python and analyze equilibriums! Learn how to tweak and adjust the Economic Models for your own […]
[Udemy] Advanced Scalable Python Web Development Using Flask – This course will teach you some of the advanced development concepts used in the top tech companies today. How do I know this? Because I’ve been leading tech teams in both large enterprise as well as startup companies in New York City for the past 15 […]
[Udemy] Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp – This comprehensive course will be your guide to learning how to use the power of Python to analyze data, create beautiful visualizations, and use powerful machine learning algorithms! Data Scientist has been ranked the number one job on Glassdoor and the average salary of a […]
[Udemy] Python and Network Automation: Build 5 Python Apps – Python programming language (Python), powerful and extensive. That is a powerful book houses (libraries) written for it and you just download the library, you can avoid unnecessary coding and widespread means that using the Python programming language (Python), you can run a simple application by […]