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[Udemy] The Complete React Native and Redux Course – iOS and Android App Development from scratch – build fully native mobile apps ridiculously fast! What Will I Learn? Create real-world native apps using React Native Make truly reusable components that look great Understand the terminology and concepts of Redux Prototype and deploy your own applications […]
[Udemy] React JS – Mastering Redux – Build the React JS and Redux apps of your dreams! Learn JavaScript, ES6, APIs, and Full Web App Development in ReactJS! What Will I Learn? Build entire ReactJS and Redux applications from scratch. Develop apps that deal with APIs and web requests. Understand how to develop Redux apps […]
[Udemy] The Complete React Web Developer Course ,2nd Edition – Learn how to build and launch React web applications using React, Redux, Webpack, React-Router, and more! What Will I Learn? Build, test, and launch React apps Use cutting-edge ES6/ES7 JavaScript Setup authentication and user accounts Deploy your React apps live to the web Learn the […]
[Udemy] The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp – Learn React 16, Redux, D3, ES2015, Testing, CSS Flexbox, Animations, SVG, AJAX, and more! What Will I Learn? Make REAL web applications using cutting-edge technologies Build responsive applications using modern CSS technologies like flexbox Build JSON APIs using Node, Express and MongoDB Learn the most popular front end […]
[Udemy] Learn and Understand React – React & ES6 covered in course. In-depth explanations on foundational concepts of React and helps understand Redux better. What Will I Learn? Learn and understand concepts of React.js Build Amazing Applications with React.js Ecmascript 2015 or ES6 Features Understand Power of Components, Composition and Reusable Components Requirements Mac or […]