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[Udemy] Joomla for Beginners – Build a website with CMS – Learn how to build websites using Joomla CMS. Run your own blog or corporate website. No coding experience needed! What Will I Learn? Simplify the process of building a website Understand basic terms and definitions in Joomla Familiarization with Joomla environment both front-end and […]
[Udemy] Build a complete Fiverr clone with Node + Algolia + Paypal – Start with MVP then Real-time Twitter and finally Fiverr website. What Will I Learn? Build a Real-time web application Build a complete Marketplace Requirements You should have the ‘never give up’ attitude Understand basic HTML and CSS concepts Understand basic javascript concepts […]
[Udemy] WordPress for E-Commerce: The Complete WooCommerce Course – Build Multi Currency E-Commerce website using WordPress, WooCommerce, PayPal, Stripe. Master WooCommerce & Plugins. What Will I Learn? Learn How to Build ECommerce website using WordPress, plugins such as WooCommerce and official WooThemes from scratch Get 5 Premium Grade ECommerce website Themes Start Online eCommerce store […]
[Udemy] Mastering CSS – Get to grips with CSS best practices to create modern, responsive, and retina-ready websites.   What Will I Learn? Master the fundamental CSS concepts, such as the box model, the anatomy of a rule set, and the types of style sheets Take advantage of the Chrome developer tools to troubleshoot CSS […]
[Udemy] Shopping Cart Website from Scratch Ecommerce – How to build a fully functional web storage shopping cart that integrates with Paypal. Step by step instruction webdev.   What Will I Learn? Create a custom website with a shopping cart Create multiple page websites that can store products within a shopping cart Requirements Basic HTML […]
[Udemy] How to Promote your Clothing Line. – ONE COURSE TO RULE THEM ALL- WordPress Guide – Learn WordPress Internet Marketing In This Course With SEO ,Website Optimization As Professional. What Will I Learn? To familiarize yourself with using the WordPress platform Sell websites on flippa To learn more about affiliate marketing Learn about blogging […]
[Udemy] Web design for visual people – not coders: Using Dreamweaver – We’ll use the awesome new responsive bootstrap features in Dreamweaver CC 2015 to build your very first website.   What Will I Learn? Build responsive websites using Dreamweaver. Create mobile friendly websites. Understand HTML & CSS. Create their own website. Requirements You’ll need […]
[Udemy] How to Create A Website: An HTML Tutorial and CSS Tutorial – Learn How To Make Websites from a University Professor in Computer Science with over 15 years of teaching experience.   What Will I Learn? Build beautiful webpages using today’s best practices Understand the importance of performance and build performant websites Acquire an […]