Home Development [Udemy] Ultimate Web Designer & Developer Course: Build 23 Projects!

[Udemy] Ultimate Web Designer & Developer Course: Build 23 Projects!

[Udemy] Ultimate Web Designer & Developer Course: Build 23 Projects!

[Udemy] Ultimate Web Designer & Developer Course: Build 23 Projects! – Web site called Mac instantaneous Internet is said that one or more of the pages to fit the data. In other words, a set of pages on the Internet that belong to a specific location, so-called site. Website content is generally on the computer called a server and a set of servers, networks make up the World Wide Web.Each server can have one or more of the sites within accommodate. In the beginning, websites with simple HTML codes were written, so the markup language that was simple structure to the Web chambers, including headings and paragraphs, and the ability to link to other addresses via hyperlink. Compared with other methods, this new and different ways in which users could simply with a browser, open the linked pages. The art of web development and design, its coding language, or html hypertext, more complex and more Prantaf. A tool such as a table to display more data charts were soon misuse, for arrangements were hidden in web pages. With the advent of Web cascading patterns or «CSS», the wrong approach design with hidden in the pages of stock tables outside, and instead make good use of auxiliary language «CSS» was replaced. Database integration technologies (Database), such as server-side scripting languages (Server-Side Scripting) such as CGI, PHP, ASP. NET, ASP, JSP and ColdFusion, and standards of modern design with templates (CSS), also changed the structure of the website and have it more advanced.

During the training the Udemy Ultimate Web Designer & Developer Course: Build 23 Project First appearance design websites in Photoshop learn and then teach HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and jQuery and we end up with Responsive Web Design with PHP, MySQL and WordPress are familiar.

Course syllabus for training of Udemy Ultimate Web Designer And Developer Course Build 23 Project:
– Part 1: Introduction
– Section 2: Introduction to Design the site
– Part 3: Introduction to Software Adobe Photoshop
– Part 4: Introduction to Web Design (and Photoshop)
– Part 5: Advanced web design challenge
– Part 6: Introduction to HTML
– Part 7: HTML average
– Part 8: HTML advanced HTML5
– Part 9: HTML professional and HTML5
– Part 10: Introduction to CSS
– Part 11: CSS average
– Part 12: CSS Advanced
– Part 13: CSS CSS3 professional
– Part 14: HTML and CSS Advanced
– Part 15: Introduction to JavaScript
– Part 16: Introduction to jQuery
– Part 17: jQuery average
– Part 18: jQuery UI and jQuery Enhanced
– Part 19: responsive design and development using Bootstrap
– Part 20: Advanced Bootstrap
– Part 21: Web Hosting Domain
– Part 22: Introduction to PHP
– Part 23: PHP average
– Part 24: Introduction to MySQL database
– Part 25: Advanced PHP and MySQL
– Part 26: WordPress site
– Part 27: Development for jobs, how we start designing professional website.
– Part 28: Quick start building single-page Web site with AngularJS
– Part 29: WordPress plugins, new Quick Start

Become a Full-Stack Developer – Learn Everything from Design to Front & Back-End Programming. Are you looking for an all-in-one Web Design, Web Development and Career Building course that takes you step-by-step through the all of the skills you need know to start a working professionally? Are you a programmer looking to improve your design skills, so your designer colleagues can stop making fun of your bad designs?Or maybe you’re a designer looking to learn how to code, so your programmer colleagues can stop laughing at your sad coding attempts?
Have you wasted hours of your time or money watching terrible video tutorials that make you fall asleep at your desk?
Stop wasting your time & money! This is the ultimate, most comprehensive, A to Z web design, development and career building course on the market. I promise and I guarantee that to be true.
Here is my guarantee to you: If within 30 days you complete this course and you have not experienced impressive results, you can not design or build modern websites, or you can not get a paying web design or development gig – I will give you 100% of your money back.
You will go from knowing nothing to creating over 23 impressive designs, websites, and applications – all with step-by-step instruction from the most entertaining and engaging coding instructor on the web today!
We’ll start by learning Visual & Web Design, how to use Adobe Photoshop, and how to sketch professional wireframes. We’ll then learn to code with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and jQuery. At this point you’ll be able to code custom websites, animations and web applications by yourself.
Once we’re cool with the front-end languages, we’ll then melt our brain-bits with highly advanced skills like Responsive Websites, PHP, MySQL, WordPress and custom WordPress plugin development. You’ll then have the ability to build responsive, dynamic websites and blogs, basic eCommerce sites and online stores, and have a professional understanding of all aspects of web design & development.
After you’ve learned everything from Design to Development, you’ll be taken through a hands-on career section fully-loaded with valuable tips, resources, and real-world guidance to help you start your career – whether you want to work- from-home as a freelancer, or secure a full-time studio gig at a design agency.
– – –
What are some of the projects you will build?
In addition to working on your very own self-directed project that challenges you to use your new skills as you learn, you’ll be building over 23 custom projects throughout the course:
In Photoshop:
Design a custom web graphic
Design a custom business card
Design a modern landing page
Re-design a blog
In HTML5 & CSS3:
Multiple custom websites & web pages
Code the Google landing page
“Orbiting planets” animation in CSS3
A responsive “Startup Style” website
In Javascript & jQuery
A working “Tip Calculator”
An actual race car game
A “To Do List” web application
Dynamic websites
Impressive application that fixes clickbait headlines
Working “login” and “logout” sequence
Profile page that pulls information from a database
Robust “Client Address Book” application that manages your clients’ information
Custom WordPress plugin
In AngularJS
Real Estate Listing Single-Page Application
In WordPress Plugins
Custom, real world “survey” plugin
… And much more

How would you like to be able start a lucrative career in web design & development, work for a high-tech company, or kick back in the comfort of your own home studio providing high quality solutions to your very own clients?
There’s a ton of design & coding courses out there begging for your money & attention, but none of them will give you the ultimate fusion of web design, development and career building that I guarantee this course will deliver.
So stop wasting your time and money on courses & tutorials that do not deliver – and let’s launch your career to new heights!

– Section 1: Introduction: Why This is The Only Design / Development Course You’ll Ever Need
– Section 2: Introduction to Visual Design
– Section 3: Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
– Section 4: Introduction to Web Design (and more Photoshop)
– Section 5: Advanced Web Design Challenge
– Section 6: Introduction to HTML
– Section 7: Intermediate HTML
– Section 8: Advanced HTML & HTML5
– Section 9: Expert HTML & HTML5
– Section 10: Introduction to CSS
– Section 11: Intermediate CSS
– Section 12: Advanced CSS
– Section 13: Expert CSS CSS3
– Section 14: Advanced HTML CSS Challenge
– Section 15: Introduction to Javascript
– Section 16: Introduction to jQuery
– Section 17: Intermediate jQuery
– Section 18: jQuery UI Advanced jQuery
– Section 19: Responsive Design Development using Bootstrap
– Section 20: Advanced Bootstrap Challenge
– Section 21: Web Hosting Domains
– Section 22: Introduction to PHP
– Section 23: Intermediate PHP
– Section 24: Introduction to MySQL Databases
– Section 25: Advanced PHP MySQL Challenge
– Section 26: WordPress Websites
– Section 27: Career Development How to Start Your Web Design Development Career
– Section 28: AngularJS Quick Start Build a Single-Page Web Application NEW
– Section 29: WordPress Plugin Quick Start NEW

[Udemy] Ultimate Web Designer & Developer Course: Build 23 Projects!

Course Info:
Tabel Of Content : TutsPlus
Manufacturer: Yvdmy / Udemy
Language of instruction: English
Tutor: Brad Hussey, Code College
Educational levels: Beginner, intermediate, Advanced
Learning time: 32h 30m
File size: 5830 MB

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